Sex With Locals Without Everyone Knowing About It

Sex With Locals Without Everyone Knowing About It

We all get some now and then, or quite often. Whether it’s someone you’re dating, a friend with benefits (pretty damn good ones, too), a one night stand, or a rekindling of a past relationship, we all get down.

Sex is totally awesome and can change your day from horrible to pretty euphoric. Some of us need a good shag here and there to keep us in balance and the world in order, and some of us need it just to maintain our sanity.

No matter the reason for doing it, sometimes it can be difficult to keep things under wraps. If you’re sleeping with your ex or your friend and want to keep it between the two of you, good luck.

Somehow, some way, people will find out. People love to guess or speculate, and will run wild with theories.

If, for instance, you were out with a friend of the opposite sex and someone who knew the two of you saw you together, they could think you’re gonna sleep with each other later and go crazy with the gossip if they’re that kind of person.

Obviously, you’d be in a weird situation if both of you wanted your fwb set up to be just between the two of you. Honestly, who cares, but some people like to keep their exploits to themselves.

Maybe you’ve been sleeping with your ex after you had a bad breakup and your friends were trying to convince you how bad the relationship was, like maybe he or she cheated or something.

If you went back to them after all of that, your friends might not think so highly of you, so making sure that it stays under the radar is high on your priorities list.

So how can you have sex with locals without everyone knowing it? Well, set some ground rules for when the two of you meet up.

If keeping out of sight is something you care about, you’re going to have to go the extra mile.

One thing you can do is only meet each other at the places you live; if one of you has a roommate, just meet up when they’re out and about, and no one will be the wiser.

Another thing you can do is stay off social media when you’re with them. No posting about being out at the bars, no selfies, no Snapchat Stories­ nothing.

If you’re that paranoid about keeping who you sleep with to yourself, you have to act like you don’t exist.

Don’t give anyone an opportunity to hit you up to hang out; if you’re at a bar with whoever you’re gonna go home with, don’t tweet about it­ people might be near by and want to meet up with you.

Basically, all you can do is stay out of the public eye and limit your social media interactions as much as possible when you’re with your ex or fwb or what have you. Having sex with local people and not letting anyone know about it can be difficult sometimes, especially if you live in a small town.

But honestly, who cares who you sleep with? It’s your life, you can do as you please.

If people say things about who you sleep with, try your best to let it be and just do you.

What they say shouldn’t matter; frankly, it doesn’t carry any weight. If you just do you, people will respect you more and not care if you get back with your ex for the time being or have yet another friend with benefits.

They’ll wish they could be as real with themselves as you, so just keep doing you and others will follow suit. Before you know it, no one will care who you take home; they’ll just be envious.

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