How To Use Your Friends To Search For Sex

How To Use Your Friends To Search For Sex

At some point in our lives, we’ve been the third, or even worse, the fifth wheel. Your friends are in relationships, but nope, you’re still stuck being single.

Being in that situation sucks, and eventually you’re gonna get so sick of it that you need some stress­relieving sex, just as the doctor (you) ordered.

But, sadly you’re not very suave and have never actually engaged in a friend with benefits situation. You’d go out to parties or bars with your bros but they’re always with their ladies, and you don’t have any other wingmen.

Well, you can either ask them if they know any ladies they can set you up with or ask your single friends if they know anyone.

You got along rather well with your buddy’s ex, but that a huge offense that violates the bro code, so don’t go looking for past flings of your friends.

If you have any girl friends, go to the next party they have at their place and have them give you insider trading info on the single ladies roaming around the place. This is actually one of your best options, as girls trust each other and if they vet you well enough the ladies will be more than willing to give you a chance.

Nothing like a vote of confidence to get you laid. Seriously, though, this works really, really well (trust me). I’d way rather have a girl be my winglady than even my best friend being my wingman.

Girls trust each other (“Honey, trust me, I ​knowww…”​­ drunk girl with giant glass of wine in hand) for some reason, like cuz of sisterhood, I guess.

Us dudes are different (“Trust me, bro! I ​knowww.​” “I don’t know bro, I gotta see it for myself.”) I think it’s due to us always believing we’re right, and the other dude is always wrong.

But anyway, back to getting you laid, and pronto.

Blind dates are just a bad idea, so don’t go that route if you can avoid it. The awkwardness and potential for a disaster is too damn high, so just don’t agree to a blind date.

If a friend has someone they think would hook up with you, just have them invite them to their next party and meet them there. Keep in mind that you should stress that they should look for friends of theirs who are down to hookup.

You don’t want to be hitting on some girl who isn’t down for that kind of thing and just freak her out and repel her.

That reminds me­ fellow bros, if she doesn’t give you any hints or signals that she wants to sleep with you, just let her be and move on to the next girl.

No need to be a douche and try to get them to sleep with you; either you’ll end up in big trouble or you’ll just become known as that disgusting guy who tries to get every girl to sleep with him, which won’t get you laid.

Just keep that in mind. Don’t be the type of guy you wouldn’t want your daughter to ever, e​ver talk to.

If a girl finds you to be attractive physically and you seem funny or witty or whatever other characteristics she likes, she’ll let you know. So just be you, and the best version of you.

Okay, so we’ve knocked out a few options: using your single and not­single friends as sources for finding a hookup.

Is there any other option? Well, at least to my knowledge, all you’ve got left is your friends’ girlfriends. This works the same way as using your single ladies to find a hookup.

I’m sure that they’ve all got at least one friend who is single and ready to mingle; I mean, it seems statistically impossible for that not to happen.

Your best bet for using friends to find a hookup is to use the girls you know to locate eligible bachelorettes. It just works, and unless you screw it up you should find success eventually.

So hit up the girls that you know and ask them if they know any girls who could use a dose of you to put the world back in order. Just make sure they want a hookup, rather than a relationship so you don’t leave a trail of broken hearts behind you.

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