7 Skills you need to be a successful affiliate marketer

When you think of affiliate marketing people either think of the work as impossible or wildly simple. In reality, I would say affiliate marketing falls right in the middle. While I wouldn’t call affiliate market insanely difficult this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require a… particular skills (shoutout to Liam Neeson).

1.  Creativity

You have to be creative to be an affiliate marketer. Some find that being creative in their marketing strategy is the easiest thing for them while others find it to be the most difficult part of the job.
Creativity is what will set you apart from the pack. Your audience will recognize the uniqueness in your marketing and they will feed off of it.

You need to be creative in your copy and in your strategy. The best way to get a little creative spark is to read good writing (other kinds of writing aside from advertisement copy will help too!) and look at other ad campaigns.

2.  Drive

This job is not for the lazy. Affiliate marketing is hard especially when you’re first starting and when your traffic inevitably begins to dip.

Affiliate marketing isn’t something you can start and let alone. It requires moderate to constant attention to keep your traffic (and revenue) flowing.

Keep yourself motivated by self-talk, setting goals, meditation, and/or whatever gets you pumped about work.

3.  Resourcefulness

It goes without saying that you need to be somewhat resourceful to get along in affiliate marketing. You need to be able to accomplish a lot of things yourself since more often than not you do not have a team.

The best way to polish this skill is to research other areas of expertise. Do you suck at HTML? Find an online course, practice some coding, and troubleshoot!

Teach yourself new skills. Even if you can’t master a certain skill, gaining what knowledge you can is very important to being a capable business person.

4.  Patience

You have to have patience to get this work done. Most people get frustrated when they first start and end up immediately quitting. Other people quit once they see a serious dip in traffic and revenue.
You have to have the patience (and the drive) in this business to know to push through and not give up.

5.  Networking

When you are an affiliate marketer, you are essentially marketing yourself to potential clients. You can’t rely on a big team or advertiser name. You are that name. You are your own brand.

You need to be able to interact with people effectively. You need to be likeable. You need to be professional. And you need to have that follow through.

6.  Ability to master SEO

This is almost unattainable to be honest. All affiliate marketers are constantly striving to master SEO. Google is constantly changing how they optimize their searches so it’s difficult to keep up.

You need to be chasing SEO, even if you’re in a tougher affiliate niche like adult seo You have to. And you have to understand that you may not ever reach perfect understanding of the system and not allow that to frustrate you.

7.  Overlapping skills

Developing overlapping skills and knowledge is very important. To drive traffic to your site you need to make sure that you are writing interesting content and putting out interesting content that isn’t necessarily in the form of words.

Creating interesting and overlapping content will put you ahead of everyone else in the field.


Yeti: The Dirty Snapchat App College Kids Crave

Let’s face it, we’ve all seem something highly explicit or completely illegal on Snapchat at some point, and it’s usually on unofficial (and some official) college accounts. These accounts spring up for those interested in seeing members of their student body hit bongs, snort lines of ‘white powder’, show nudity, and other things generally not seen on official college Snapchat accounts.

These accounts do get taken down eventually, whether someone reports them or Snapchat discovers them because of a quick rise in popularity, but eventually, they all get removed. Half an hour later, though, a new account is made and everyone is happy again.

College students love these accounts, as they show a side of the college life that would give your parents a stroke, but it’s only a matter of time before the accounts are taken down, and who’s going to want to have to keep making new ones?

Well, we have a solution, and it looks pretty much just like Snapchat, only it’s not Snapchat. It reminds you of Yik Yak as well, but it’s not Yik Yak.

It’s an app called Yeti – Campus Stories, and it’s the dirty Snapchat you’ve always wanted, only it’s not just some random dirty Snapchat account. It’s just another app in the App Store to random passersby, but to college kids, it’s the best thing since cancelled 8 AM’s.

In a nutshell, Yeti is the crack baby of Yik Yak and Snapchat; it looks like Snapchat, and you view content in a slightly altered version of the Stories we on Snapchat, but it has a feature that lets you easily see what’s happening on campuses around the nation, just like Yik Yak. If your campus isn’t getting turnt enough for your taste, feel free to easily peep what colleges elsewhere are up to.

Once you see how various colleges get lifted and do some pretty questionable stuff, you begin to wonder how long an app like this can stay under Apple’s radar; it’s becoming increasingly popular, and new colleges pop up on the app often, so someone in charge of monitoring apps on the App Store must know about Yeti.

Yeti surely won’t be around forever, but the ones who live the fastest die the youngest, and that’s all they want. College kids are all about the moment, enjoying it in whatever way they choose, preferably not while sober.

While having highly illegal and explicit, potentially harmful content, Yeti is a place for college students to show off how they turn up, and that’s all that they care about, since they totally forgot about that Bio midterm. For college students who care more about getting higher than getting a higher education, Yeti is the place where they can be themselves, and who cares?

If you’re gonna throw away your education, or at least blow off the week, go ahead, snort that line or hit that bong. Just like Yeti, that lifestyle won’t be around long.

Yeti is all about college campus moments, keyword: ‘moments’. Now.

College kids are all about ‘now’; not many care enough to look further ahead in the future than the next joint, and you know what, let ‘em. Let them enjoy their moment, no matter how hallucinogenic or destructive it may be.

Once college is over, they’re going to tie their ties, put on their big girl shoes, and become adults just like their parents. College is something you look back on fondly, and no one really wants to look back on their college life with regrets, so they turn up.

Yeti is a place to share those college moments right now, and it turns out that a good deal of college students love drugs, sex, and drugs and sex, just like seemingly every generation before. Yeti may be relatively new to the world, but it’s the same old story- college kids love to party, and if they can share it with anyone, they will.

Hey, at least they’re sharing.